Wedding Favors Not To Buy For Your Wedding

Wedding favors have become an important part of the wedding celebration. However, there are some wedding favors your guests will not appreciate receiving at your reception. Let’s take a look. 1. Personalized Favors With The Couples Names. Don’t get me wrong.

Some personalized favors are nice BUT it depends how they are personalized. Wedding favors such as silver photo frames or bells, monogrammed candle favors, and coasters engraved with the happy couple’s names and dates will never be displayed in your guests home. Why would they? If you are set on personalized wedding favors, choose to personalize the tags or go with a smaller, less expensive personalized favor such as lip balm or note pads. That way you are sure your guests will use and appreciate your wedding favors. 2. Overtly Themed Wedding Favors.

For example, did you decide to have an Asian themed wedding or an Irish themed wedding? That’s wonderful and there are many great ways to incorporate your theme into the wedding – but leave the favors out of it. Choosing to provide your guests with a themed favor that they don’t understand or does not complement their décor ensures that the favor will go straight into the garbage can when they get home. Choose a more practical wedding favor such as a neutral candle that matches your color theme, a silver bottle stopper or luggage tag.

These types of favors are not only practical but elegant as well. 3. Expensive Wedding Favors. Your dream is to have the wedding of the decade.

That’s fantastic, but spend your money where it will matter the most to YOU not your guests. By all means provide your guests with a tasteful, elegant wedding favor but unless you’re a celebrity, you don’t need to spend $10 per favor to achieve that look. Silver wedding favors also look elegant as do wine bottle stoppers. If you are discriminating in your choice of favors, your goal will be achieved. 4. Cheap Wedding Favors.

Spend some time looking for a wedding favor that is inexpensive but not cheap looking. Many brides make the mistake of having friends and family make their wedding favors for them. Often this task is rushed to be completed right before the wedding – and they look it. There are many wedding favors under $1 or $2 that appear to cost more than they really do. A few great examples are heart cookie cutters, heart bath soaps in a gift box, or sachets.

You want your day to be perfect. Don’t choose a wedding favor that will derail your whole plan. Take your time and choose a wedding favor that both you and your guests are sure to love.

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