China Cups and Country

China has perhaps one of the most beautiful, most historic and most immense cultures in the world. China is home to almost 1.5 billion people with an almost equal distribution of males and females. The political affiliation of China has caused a lot of pressure from other countries. China is one of the last communist countries. Land and water mass totals nearly 10 million square kilometres, China is almost as large as the United States.

The history associated with China is rich and filled with knowledge. Being such an old civilization, China has am enormous number of citizens. This large number of people has resulted in a story involving population control that the world has watched unfold.

China has a one-child policy. Only one child per family is allowed to those falling under China citizenship. This controversial policy has made China into one of the oldest nations in the world: China has a huge, growing population of people over the age of 70.

The majority of the income of China is made through the exportation of goods to other countries. Only a small number of Chinese citizens are actual farmers. Over the centuries, China has depleted a majority of the country natural resources. In addition, China has a growing pollution problem and suffers from the deterioration of the surrounding environment. This problem is exaggerated by the exponential growth of the population when compounded with the exponential degradation of the soil.

This is one of the reasons for the poverty limit being over 10%. In 1733, in another part of the world, Josiah Spode was born into a pauper's life. His father taught him a trade that would serve him well after his father's death when Josiah Spode was only 6 years old. However, this death only seemed to inspire the young Spode.

Spode became an apprentice to one of the most reputable potters of that day. There, Spode would stay until his 21st birthday. Shortly after, Spode would start his own business.

Perhaps the greatest legacy Spode left for the world today was his discovery of the recipe for Fine Bone China. Today, England still remains the leader in Fine Bona China. With traditional family recipes being passed from one generation to the next, England offers sophistication and superb quality to all the Fine Bone China it produces.

The Fine Bone China produced offers a dignified excellence to the purchaser. Even today Fine Bone China manufacturers pride themselves in bringing us simply the best of what England has to offer in collectibles and tableware. As is obvious, China is a word that brings forth images of true beauty and true grace. Whether you consider the country or creation of tableware and collectibles, China is a marvellous example of human spirit and fulfilment. Whether you choose to explore a possible vacation of the beautifully, exotic China or if you choose to decorate your home and dinner table with the best china in the world, China will forever hold special meaning to our spirit.

Steve Thomas writes about China and maintains a China resource website at

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