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Festival Mania! by Ed Williams

What’s the big deal with festivals these days? I mean it, why are there so many festivals now? Used to, you would hear about an occasional festival here and there, for example, there might be a watermelon festival down in south Georgia somewhere, or there might be a rattlesnake round-up over in Alabama, or whatever. These events came very few and far between, and they were a fairly big deal mostly for that reason.


North American Festivals
Mardi Gras, Fiesta San Antonio, Pageant of the Morning, Tournament of Roses, National Cherry Blossom Festival


Toronto Downtown Jazz Festival, Niagara Grape & Wine Festival, Alcan Canadian International Dragon Boat Festival


Festivals Review
Carnival and Mardi Gras Masks
by Ian Bracegirdle

Where did the use of Carnival masks and Masquerade masks begin? The Venetian Carnival began over 900 years ago. It has run except for a gap ( from 1797 - 1987 ) and is replayed in its 18th century form today. Many other carnival masks and masquerade mask traditions can be traced back far into medieval times. The true roots came be traced back even further.

Festivities Tips
Fairs, Festivals, and Amusement Park Safety...How to Keep Your Child Safe from Strangers this Summer
by Michelle Annese

How do you keep your child ‘stranger safe’ this summer? Now children are out of school, there is more time for families to make life-lasting memories when going out to enjoy fairs, festivals, and amusement parks. Here’s a plan to keep them safe.


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