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There are many computer schools in the United States that educate computer workers and this number has been escalating because of the need for expert Information Technology (IT) employees. With so many schools and institutes to choose from, it is tricky to decide on the computer school that is best. Looking for the top computer training there's much to consider: the reputation of the school, the computer courses, the type of courses, whether they're current to the latest technology, professors that are engaged, and the graduation rate of the computer school. Most of this information is available in the computer school's booklet, pamphlet, website or on a consumer index or comparison website. Being able to find course information easily doesn't solve the process of comparing schools as it's still a laborious process to organize all the different data into something that you can compare between schools.

Ultimately you also have to take all that data and compare it to your own computer education goals. Thankfully there are businesses that have been producing yearly reports the many different schools and courses available. The US News and World Report is one such business.

In 2006 it surveyed over 2000 schools and then created a report covering the many measurable areas that can be compared between each, such as the points mentioned above. Based on their survey, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology; Carnegie Mellon University; University of Illinois-Urbana-Champaign; Princeton University; Cornell University; Rice University; University of Wisconsin-Madison; University of Pennsylvania; Harvard University; University of California-Los Angeles; Columbia University; Stanford University; the University of California, Berkeley; University of Washington; are some of the top institutions in the United States of America, in the Information Technology field. There are some online computer institutes that also offer licensing, bachelor, and associate degrees in IT; to name a few, DeVry University, ITT Technical Institute and the University of Phoenix.

These online computer schools provide in depth education via their computer training schools, computer graphic schools, computer hardware schools, computer science schools and many other programs.

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