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com. To justify this above mentioned, statement, I would like to add here by saying that a plethora of activities are made available on and this results in keeping the participants busy and they in return ask for more. is targeting the intellectually curious adults who are capable enough to exchange their own ideas and also media material that would prefer to share on this website. Cosmosing.

com is a well known social networking website which has also launched a fund raising program for helping the needy children. It all works in the form of a game. The members can play a trivia game by which they earn points. These points are converted into dollars and finally they are donated towards the children international. Our members don't need to sign up for an account with a free blog host, another account with a photo hosting site, one for social bookmarking like Del., and one to submit and rate news stories like Digg or Netscape. If you become a member of, you can then host 10,000 photos and very soon you can even run your own free blog and you can also share your social bookmarks, everything from just one account management area.

You just need one set of login. has a lot of features which one can use in order to earn large revenue.

It all depends on the user. Above all, I would like to end up saying that is a special type of social networking website which is worth trying. Become a member and see the difference for yourself. It has a number of features that can be turned into revenue streams that will grow with the user base.

All in all, Cosmosing is one social network you might want to keep in mind. is a social networking site which enables members to interact live. has a lot of features which one can use in order to earn large revenue.

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