Ladies Rolex Jewelry Watches

There is no second thought to the fact that women like jewelry. They just love to flaunt themselves in beautiful jewelry. Ladies' Rolex jewelry watches can be a treasured gift for women. There is no competition to the detailed craftsmanship and quality parts used in Rolex watches: diamonds, sapphire crystals and 18k yellow gold and white gold.

Ladies' Rolex Jewelry watches are one of the most elegant and attractive accessories. As a result, they can be just the perfect gift to any woman. There are two basic broad categories of Ladies Rolex watches: Ladies Rolex President and Ladies Rolex Datejust.

The most important feature of Rolex President Watches is the band that appears bold and powerful. The Ladies Champagne Dial Sapphire Beadset Bezel Rolex President is quite popular. It features a custom .70 ct. beadset diamond bezel with 28 round cut diamonds and 4 sapphires set in 18k yellow gold, champagne diamond dial with 10 round cut diamonds, scratch-resistant sapphire conversion crystal and an Italian-made 18k yellow gold President bracelet.

For the same model, other popular dial colours are silver and mother of pearl. The Ladies Oyster Rolex Datejust is one of the most popular ladies Rolex watches. In particular, Ladies Two Tone Oyster Silver Dial Beadset Bezel Rolex Datejust is a sportier version of the Datejust which allows for a more modern, fun look. The thicker links of the oyster bracelet not only minimizes the look of one's wrist, it is also sturdier and more durable for those with a more active lifestyle.

The silver dial sets off the diamonds and matches the stainless steel of the case. Other popular dial colours are silver, blue, red and mother of pearl. Ladies Two Tone Champagne Dial Ruby Beadset Bezel Rolex Datejust is equally attractive. The champagne dial complements the diamond markers and matches the gold tones of the case. The Rolex Oyster Perpetual lady Datejust is one of the most recognizable Rolex watches. The Oyster band gives a classic sporty look.

It features a custom silver diamond dial with 11 round cut diamonds set in 18k white gold, 18k white gold smooth bezel and Italian-made stainless steel oyster bracelet. Ladies Rolex jewelry watches are now easier to own. Melrose Jewelers offers authentic pre-owned Rolex watches at highly affordable prices. Every watch comes with 1-year warranty and full authentication and appraisal by the Los Angeles International Gemological Laboratory.

Melrose Jewelers' experienced team of technicians and specialists perform polishing and timing adjustment to the watches so that they look just as new as the brand new watches. They also offer customized accessories for your Rolex watch such as Italian made gold and diamond bands, bezels and diamond dials. You can order Ladies Rolex jewelry watches simply by visiting their website www.melrosejewelers. X.

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