Is Downloading Music Online Illegal

I've been asked that so many times by numerous people and they always refer to Napster and the whole dragged out court case that took place. Well what they did was illegal for they pretty much went out and allowed everyone connected to their network to share files and they never bothered checking what was shared so people were sharing copywrited files and so forth and that's where the problem arose. Well Napster has fixed that problem now and are totally legal now and safe to use but while they were making their transition and changes other companies took charge and stole the #1 spot on the legal file sharing arena so they're still busy catching up.

I love downloading music and downloading music online is a much cheaper way of doing things for buying a cd is such a waste of money for you don't always get exactly what music you want in the first place and you're paying extra to put it in a nice cover when you're probably going to copy it to your Ipod anyways. Then what do you do with the cd? You just leave it lying around somewhere to get stepped on and broken or get scratches on etc. etc. My all time favorite place to go shopping for music is Imusicaccess, not only do they have a huge selection of music but their rates are very good. They also offer amazing customer service and have very good guides that show you exactly how to copy your music and move it anywhere you want to. On top of that they also offer video and game downloads as well, which is an extra service for free.

My mom has also been taken by this whole music downloading craze and loves finding all the remakes of her old classics that she used to listen to as a kid. In my personal opinion I think she actually enjoys the finding part the best, for she tries to remember the songs she danced at her pram and all those memorable moments. Everyone has them and it was just easier for us to find those songs and now the door has been opened to a whole new generation for music is spreading so quickly.

Everyone is sharing his or her favorite song even people from the past generations and it bring great joy to me when I see the happiness it brings to them. So now that you know the truth about music downloading and how to effectively use it go ahead and open the door to a whole new world of music you never thought was available.

Through my time experinmenting with many music downloading websites I've found out which of the legal ones are the best ones to use so I've made a free review for you to look at. Music Download Site Review

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