Dorm Room Decorating

The day has finally arrived and college kids are moving into the dorms, they will finally be on their own, responsible for their own lives. It is the day that they find out that everything that they really need to bring (and absolutely can't live without)in order to help further their educational experience, isn't going to fit in that tiny 15x15 room. UGH! What now? It is evident that the walls can't be pushed back, the ceiling is high, but the school would frown on anyone putting up shelves from floor to ceiling and there isn't any room to put very many clothes especially if you are taking clothes for three seasons of the year.

Remember, you will be going home at some time, you may want to leave some of those clothes at home for now. There isn't any way to hire a room expander, but there are ways of improving this situation. Let's start with the door to the room; The perfect place for an over the door hanger to hang all of your jackets, scarves etc. on. Now they won't take up space in the closet.

It is real easy to attach a string or ribbon to the top of this and hang it on the outside of the door and attach a pocket with paper and pencil so friends can leave notes when you are out and push them under the door. Closet Invest in a closet rod addition. These can be purchased in the housewares department of most stores. Hang blouses on the top, skirts and extra jackets on the bottom. Shoe caddy This is a great place for storing extras like, pens, pencils, erasers etc.

Hair accessories, combs brushes and hairspray; Make-up, tanning lotions,perfume,deodorant are also hidden but within reach. Rubbermaid Don't forget under the bed for that extra storage space for the clothes that you aren't going to wear until next season Microwave Cart Add the microwave on top Heating dishes and paper plates/plastic forks on the shelf Fast heating food on the bottom-keep mac and cheese, rice-a-roni, canned spaghetti and beef stew ready for those late night cram sessions. 3 Drawer plastic drawers on wheels These are great for keeping the computer paper in as well as notebooks and theme paper etc. These also come in handy for socks, underwear etc.

Throw a tablecloth over the top and they can second as end tables; Put a table cloth over them and no one will know hat is under there. There are so many fun things to do with dorms such as; color co-ordinate, use a theme and just seeing how much stuff two people can get in it can be the laugh of all time. Try to think of things that have a double purpose, items that are inexpensive, things that are easy to pack and move.

Keep in mind that during Christmas Vacation and Spring Break most schools have the students empty their dorm rooms so they can paint and clean. All dorm items need to be convenient to pack, carry and relocate.

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