Cars and society

The discovery of automobiles has been one of the most significant of the various innovations of the previous centuries and it cannot be denied that today automobiles and vehicles have a significant role to play in society. in the primitive ages, the only means of commuting form one place to another, across long distances where ensured by the domestic animals lie horses and following the discovery of the wheel, carts also became a popular means of transportation. As time advanced, automobiles came into being and today they have emerged as one of the basic necessities for most of those individuals who can afford to possess a car.

Automobiles have had various positive and adverse effects upon society and some of these are discussed below. * The automobiles or vehicles are one of the major causes of causing noise pollution and air pollution. The emission of toxic gases like carbon monoxide by the automobiles affect not only the environment but also the vital body organs of the humans and air pollution is capable of causing harm to the lungs and resulting in cancers. This is why nowadays, the use of alternative fuel vehicles are being encouraged as they can significantly reduce the harmful effects of pollution in the environment. * The extension of roadways has resulted in the reduction of forest areas affecting ecological balance. * It is also to be pointed out here that with the development of better quality automobiles and better mileage, cars are often a preferred option to travel over long distances than railways.

* Contrary to the use of domestic animals, cars and vehicles have emerged as a more favorable option as they can work efficiently and do not need to be rested after a while, thus utilizing lesser time to travel over long distances. * The manufacturing of vehicles have greatly facilitated the growth of a plethora of industries which produce the various metals that are sued to make the body parts of a vehicle like steel. Gasoline has emerged as an important fuel resource which is used in the internal combustion engines. * The increase in the number of automobiles has ensured the development of increased roads and highways. * Cars are a marker of social identity.

One of its most important effects in the social circle is its effect on the social status of a person. An individual is often judged by the car he drives. For those who possess luxurious vehicles and expensive models like sports cars, they are definitely considered to be an affluent lot.

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